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Synthetic Grass

High resilience, natural look, pleasant texture and easy maintenance. FIFA quality solutions for sports and landscaping.

Cork Insulation

100% natural material capable of providing the best thermal and acoustic insulation.


Vinyl flooring with built-in cork insulation, making it completely waterproof, easy to assemble while providing thermal and acoustic insulation. Due to these characteristics Hydrocork is one of the most innovative types of vinyl on the market.


Ceramic Flooring & Tiling
Floating Floors
Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
Bath & Shower
Faucets & Accessories
Sanitary Ware
Bathroom Furniture
Natural Stone
LED Lightning
Synthetic Grass

Modular Construction

We have the ability to design and build custom homes for you.

Insulation Systems

We offer Weber solutions to obtain high efficiency thermal performance façade walls.

Custom Kitchens

We propose to make cooking easier, faster, cleaner and more satisfying: notice through our kitchens.

Custom Fitted Wardrobes

Customize your wardrobe to your needs and style of home.

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